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The Xmas-Files



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Who? Me?

Libby Starbuck




Libby Starbuck is...


         22 years old and lives in Antwerp (Belgium).

         Addicted to The X-Files and Christmas.

         A student. She wants to become a journalist.

         A fanficwriter herself. But you canít find her fanfic on this site. Send her a nice e-mail if you wanna read her fanfic.

         A huge fan of Leyla Harrisonís fanfic.

         In love with her boyfriend, Mulder and her computer.

         A poor girl. So, donít sue me if I archive your fanfic without permission!

         A very poor girl. Do you hear that CC?

         Not the owner of Mulder and Scully. *But I wish they were mine!*